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Course Instructor: Kelvin Shuangjian Zhang

Lecture time LEC 001 LEC 002
time Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-9:50 Tuesday/Thursday 14:00-14:50
location AX 23A AX 23A

Office hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
time 2-3pm 4-5pm 1-2pm 10-11am 11-12pm 11.30 am-12.30pm 3-4pm
location M3 2101 M3 3103 M3 3103 M3 2101 M3 2101 M3 3103 M3 2101

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Conditional Probability (Python code on Colab)

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Lecture notes

Lecture 1 Introduction (to appear soon)

Lecture 2 Conditional Probability and Bayes (to appear soon)

Lecture 3